One thing i found while trying to teach myself is that no 1 website had all the basic things that I wanted to know, so the purpose of this website is to fulfill the needs of what i felt a person who wants to start off learning the piano/keyboard would struggle to find online.

To use this website just click on the red icon in the top right side of the site for the menu to be displayed. I hope this website helps you alot !

This website is for all those people wanting to learn the basic level of piano playing! From chords to scales to sheet music everything can be found here ! Please leave me some feedback at the bottom of the page in the comments section. Enjoy!


CCo 1.0 Theresa Knott

Here you will find all the you  need to learn the basics of the piano.

On the piano there is a row of black notes and a row of white notes. The black notes follow a unique pattern: 2 black notes, 3 black notes. This pattern is repeated for the entire length of the piano. Now let’s focus on the 2 black notes. Identify the black note on the left.(C#). The white key to the left is C.

Follow this instruction for the set of black keys in the center of the piano. You’ve now identified middle C. Nearly everything, if not everything you play will revolve around middle C.

Now assuming you know your ABC’s, you know there is 26 letters in the alphabet. lets move onto the “musical alphabet”. The musical alphabet only has 7 letters (A – G).

The next note to the left of C is D, the next note to the left of D is E, and so on up until G. Now the white key to the right of G is A. The key to the right of A is B.



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